NGL Media produces and aggregates thousands of videos across the most popular categories for Digitally-connected Latinos and the advertisers seeking to engage them.  We work closely with premium content producers with shows spanning Beauty & Fashion, Entertainment, Music, How-To, News & Sports, Home & Family and beyond.  If you’re a Latino content producer with a short form advertiser-friendly episodic show you’d like to expose to a broader audience while generating revenue, you’ve come to the right place.  Take a minute to peruse below, then fill out the PRODUCERS form to the right so we can connect if your show meets the criteria we’re looking for.

Ad Revenue-Sharing

If you're selected to participate in NGL Media's PRODUCERS program, you'll share the video ad revenue generated around your content. We take care of filling the video ad inventory created by your show with campaigns from our blue chip client roster.  You just sit back and enjoy the experience as your content reaches a broader audience and you receive a check from us each month.

Targeted Incremental Viewership

One of the most difficult things for a content producer to do is to find an audience.  With NGL Media you'll gain instant access to a targeted Latino audience that generates millions of monthly views across our proprietary video distribution platform.  Some content partners also participate in our DISTRIBUTORS program to generate additional revenue by running their content (and others' if they'd like) within one or more of our FREE video players on their Website(s).

Executive Latino Media Sales Team

As an NGL Media content producer partner you'll have direct access to an Executive-level media sales team specialized in working with blue chip advertisers to provide Latino Video Marketing Solutions. Whether it be pre-roll, a sponsorship integration or even an original branded entertainment idea we conceive together, NGL Media is committed to connecting your premium content with advertisers who are eager to engage with Digitally-connected Latinos through video.

Transparent Reporting

Each month NGL Media provides our partners with a comprehensive fully transparent report about their performance and how much ad revenue they've generated.  A personal dashboard is set up for each partner so you can log-in whenever you'd like to download your report.

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